We Craft Sophisticated Narrative Experiences

With nearly three decades in the location-based entertainment sector, our impact spans theme parks, museums, casinos, and more across 43 countries. Our legacy stands tall on the pillars of meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our expertise spans two pivotal service areas:
We envision and breathe life into attractions, exhibitions, and theme parks that captivate and inspire.

Media Content Production
From cinematic films to immersive VR experiences, we produce content that transforms spaces into enchanting journeys.
Leveraging a vast spectrum of skills and experience, our boutique creation firm delivers holistic concepts that guarantee visitor satisfaction, magnetize audiences, and ensure lucrative returns for investors and stakeholders. Although our 20-year-strong experience in turnkey fabrication reflects our versatility, our true north remains in storytelling. Our narratives weave tales that resonate deeply, leaving an unforgettable imprint on visitors' hearts.

Offering more than just design, we provide a comprehensive suite of services, from consultancy to turnkey installations. This ensures that attractions are not just conceptualized but are also ready-to-operate. Grounded in creative passion and coupled with our global reach, Clostermann Design stands as a luminary in the industry.

The Team Behind The Magic:
Where Vision Meets Execution

In an industry that often equates scale with success, Clostermann Design stands as a testament to the power of focused expertise. Our streamlined structure is both a deliberate strategy and a reflection of our commitment to deliver projects marked by precision and authenticity.

Matthias Clostermann, our founder and lead artist, has devoted over three decades to mastering the nuances of location-based entertainment design. His artistic vision forms the backbone of our endeavors, ensuring that each project resonates with depth and originality.

At the helm of our commercial operations is Leon Mellado. With his keen understanding of management and business development, Leon bridges the gap between artistic ambition and tangible realization. His expertise guarantees that every artistic vision is matched by strategic execution.While Matthias and Leon form the nucleus of our team, our work is brought to life by a curated network of specialists. Their technical acumen ensures that even the most intricate of artistic concepts are translated into tangible experiences.

Choosing Clostermann Design is more than a decision—it's a commitment to partnering with a team whose core tenets are expertise, precision, and unwavering dedication to the art and business of entertainment.
Matthias Clostermann, born in 1973, has been working professionally in the film and entertainment industry since the age of 14. Over his more than thirty-year career as a designer, art director, and technology innovator, he has designed and built dream worlds for audiences in countless projects around the globe. His work spans theme parks, museums, exhibitions, and films. Drawing from the core of his work, which intertwines story, art, and technology, he constantly generates new ideas for captivating experiences, films, and novels.
Leon Mellado, born in 1972, joined Clostermann Design as the commercial director in 2023 after a notable tenure as the Chief Transformation Officer at Applebee Consulting. Dedicated to SMEs, he's well-versed in management and communication technologies. Before AppleBee, he enhanced ARCI Group's market presence and managed multi-continent logistics. An Auburn University Industrial Engineering graduate, he also holds a Masters in Development and Environment. Across his career, Leon transitioned from foundational roles to executive ones, emphasizing technology. His projects ranged from factory assessments to key UNDP environmental initiatives.
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